Services For Students


School application is simple and easy if you start to build your profile when you are working on your current grade. All you need to do is to tell Schooist your interests, your current position and your favorite schools/programs, we will make recommendations and offer the best options to you.

Start to build your profiles 2~3 years prior to the date you like to start a new journey, which doesn’t cost anything but helps you gain enough time to contemplate what you like to be in the future. Most important, we will be able to serve you better by providing you more insights of the school/program.


By 2019, Schooist will list a few tens of schools and thousands of programs, mostly the reputed ones across Canada. Very soon, we will have a lot more international schools listed.

You just need input the key words to search the schools and/or the programs. Then, you will be able to click and check out the details of each school or program, with the prerequisites, tuition, the field of study and much more.


Not like the manual application process, sending school application through Schooist is a simple process with all privacy. You don’t have to speak to an agent and can complete the application with a few clicks. The application cost is minimum since our cloud-based database and one-of-a-kind platform tremendously improve the efficiencies.

We highly recommend you apply the schools by yourself, probably with your parents and best friends. For any reason, if you need professional support, the Pre-audit service helps you review the application package and provides you advice. Furthermore, the Full-Scale Service can help you out covering the application, visa application, and settle down. Please view “Full-Scale Services” from the Menu.


Schooist targets to provide a convenient tool that applicants, who have minimum experience, can complete the school search and application. We truly believe the tool is well designed and serving that purpose well.
In the meantime, we do understand each student is talented differently, and some of the skills need to build with experiences, such as tailored school/program search, visa application, travel insurance, dormitory/homestay and much more. Under the circumstance that such services are needed, you just need to register and call us to tell us what your dream looks like. We will provide you Full-Scale Service, which includes:

 1:1 mentoring (in person or online) to understand your situation and favorite school(s)/program(s)
 Offer an assessment report, with recommendations.
 Support to complete the online application(*)
 Follow up and communicate with the schools
 Student Visa application(*)
 Travel insurance(*)
 In-Campus or Homestay(*)
 Airport pick up
 Settle-down Orientation(**)

*: Additional 3rd party charge may apply, such as the application fee that the school asks for, Visa application fee, flight ticket, insurance premium, homestay cost and other costs that the Full-Scare Service doesn’t cover.
**: It is optional. The Orientation is an online session.