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Your presence matters. We noticed that many of the names of the schools have not been heard by qualified students, and believed it can be improved by our newly designed cloud-based online tool.

The Schooist helps the schools to improve visibility to the candidates. The introduction is presented under multi-languages (*), thus makes the school/program searching process a lot easier for international families. The Schooist actively participates international events, shows, and forums in the Education sector, often we can bring a few schools’ identities and introduction to such activities, upon request and agreement. Our high-efficient, cloud-based database and service attracts thousands of potential new students every year. Our professional team can work together with you to set it up. There is no cost to have your school listed at The Schooist.*

Let’s make sure the value that you create is not hidden behind the scene.

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It is often confusing to the students on what programs that a school offers.

Although such information can be found on the school website, there are a few challenges that the students are facing. First of all, the information is overwhelming especially when the applicants have to search multi schools/programs and each of the school websites have a different format. It is easy to drain the energy and end up with a puzzled mind. Second, even if the program is located and selected, the applicant doesn’t really see a streamlined application process. Working with an agent is the most popular approach for some countries/regions, under a much higher cost though. Finally, without good visibility to similar programs that the student can access, some students may start a program that is not the best fit which carries unnecessary complication for the future.

List your programs and maintain it by Schooist. It improves recruiting efficiency and cuts spending!


This is an optional service.

Without this option, the application is forwarded to the right contact of the recruiting authorities, and/or the counselor(s) appointed by the school. That works perfectly fine.

In the meantime, the school has the option to review the applications directly at the Schooist as many schools are doing. The advantages are obvious. The Schooist has done a pre-screening by articulating the prerequisites that each program requires, would remind the candidate if some of them are not met. The profile of the students, together with the application package, can be reviewed and commented directly at the Schooist. You can communicate with the applicant through the Schooist, without going through any 3rd party.

“This is a much better and efficient approach for enrollment.” as one of our school partners says.