For Students

1. How many schools and programs are listed on Schooist?

Schooist screen the schools and only well-reputed ones are presented.

By Oct. 2019, there will be about 30 Canadian schools are listed. Many of these schools offer hundreds of programs. By the end of 2019, there will be more than 50 Canadian post-secondary schools, and more than 10,000 programs. There will also be more than 20 top Canadian high schools listed.

For the schools not listed, our professional team can help you apply through the traditional process.

Within 2020, the Schooist plans to have more than 200 colleges and Universities, together with more than 250 high schools located in North America. There will be more than 40,000 programs.

2. Does Schooist Serve both National and International students?

Yes. Schooist embraces and advocates globalization, it doesn't limit the service to certain nation(s). Applicants from any country can apply for the schools from Schooist. However, it is a better tool for international students who don’t know much how the educational system works in the destination. Without culture difference and language barrier, the national students often apply for the local schools through the process that they are familiar with.

3. Besides the online self-service, what additional services does Schooist provide?

We encourage you to use the self-service to send an application, which has the minimum cost.

To improve the quality of the application, you may opt to engage a professional to pre-audit your application. The pre-audit professional will examine your application package carefully, proofread your self-introduction and reference letter, then give you feedback and allow you to update the application package before sending out.

Furthermore, if you choose the Full-Scale service. A much more comprehensive service will be received. Our recruiting counselor will coach you from the very beginning, help you send an application, follow up for admission, book your flight ticket, find accommodation, pick you up from the airport, and do many more as needed. Please click “Full-Service” from the menu to get more details, or call us to discuss.

4. How much is the cost of studying abroad?

It depends on which school you are in and which city you live in. General speaking, the tuition is between $20,000 and $40,000 per year. The accommodation and others may cost you $20,000~$40,000 per year. The total cost is about $40,000 to $80,000 per year.

5. How much do we pay for the application?

Schooist targets to offer the most cost-effective application process. Because most of the schools charge an application fee, such cost needs to be covered by the applicant. When you select optional services, there is an additional cost. Following is a cost estimate and explanation for each service you select.

 Cost of self-service: $120* (Including what the school charges for the application)
 Cost of Pre-audit service: $300 ~ $500 per application, to enable 1:1 professional support*. (Including what the school charges for the application)
 Cost of Full-Scale Services: $1,000~ $2,000 per applicant, covering up to 5 applications.

*: The average charge from the school is $100/applicant, which is included in this price. The costs are subject to change.

6. Can Schooist help on Student Visa application, airport pick up and find homestay?

Yes, we do provide such services upon request.

When you choose Full-Scale Services, more comprehensive service will be offered. By working with experienced partners, we will be able to assist you on visa application and many others. Please go to “Full-Scale Service” page for more details, or call us for a free consultation.

7. What is the likelihood of being admitted?

First of all, the admission rate is not our sole performance indicator. Thanks to the large school/program database, literally everyone will get a chance to study, but a high admission rate is not what we are chasing. Instead, we care about whether or not the applicants are well positioned for your future.

We list the minimum prerequisites of each program for the applicant to consider. There will be a reminder if you don’t meet such prerequisites, so you know what needs to be improved for a better chance. We truly understand that your talent and hard work should not be misjudged. It is always helpful if you call us to discuss all the options. We will tailor the plan for each applicant if that is required. Because of the large database and strong tie with the schools, it is very likely that you will be admitted by the desired school.

For the cases that you are not admitted by the school that you target, there is always something you can do and improve your standing among the candidates. Also, there are often similar programs offered by other schools, it is quite straightforward for you to apply for an alternative program/school.

Often, spending a bit more time to improve the qualifications, such as language proficiency, will help you get a better chance and eventually study in one of your desired schools.

8. My English(2nd Language) is not good enough. What shall I do?

Language should not be a gating item for you to realize your dream. There are many schools offer ESL/EAP programs to help you improve language proficiency. You may directly apply for the ESL program at your desired school, or take the ESL courses at one school then apply for any program/school you like to. We encourage you to improve your language ability at your home country, write TOEFL or IELTS tests before you send the application. For any reason, if you like to study the 2nd language abroad, that is perfectly fine to find an ESL program at your destination. You can search for keywords such as “ESL” or “EAP” on our website and directly apply for it. The language enhancement program normally takes about one year. However, you may complete it sooner if you obtain a good TOEFL/IELTS score.

Be able to speak a 2nd language is already an awesome achievement, even if you don’t continue to pursue other programs.

Please speak to us if you are concerned with language proficiency.

For Schools

1. How to get the school and program listed?

Schooist is intended to improve the presence of the schools that are listed by the local school board. Most of the colleges, universities and secondary schools are legitimate institutes. Shootist's cloud-based database and highly customized platform enable an easy setup for the schools.

The process steps are as below:

1, Contact us by the contact forms, phone calls or the email: admin@schooist.com
2, Schooist review the request and create school profile and account
3, Schooist or the School update the program information online.
4, Launch the information to the public.

If you like to have your school/program listed, please simply let us know. We will guide you through the process.

2. Is there a cost associated to the presence at Schooist?

No. Schools don’t need to pay unless optional value-add services are chosen.

As long as the resource and a few hours time are committed by the school, the account setup process is completely FREE.*

For more details, please contact us through the website, email, or phone calls.

*. FREE setup service in 2019, The cost is subject to change.

3. How does Schooist help maintain academic integrity?

We extremely care about academic integrity. Although the applicants are solely responsible for the application package, Schooist doesn’t tolerate any of the following misconduct.

 Draft essay, self-introduction or any other documents for an applicant;
 Deliberately misrepresent certain school(s) or student(s);
 Violate guiding principles that a school specified in the service agreement;
 Carry discrimination on gender, age, nationality, race, religion or other aspects;

We care what you care.

4. How does Schooist help to improve the global presence?

Under the agreement, the school information can be presented on the home page of schooist.com. Furthermore, Schooist proactively participates international conference, forums, and exhibits. During such activities, we could bring your school introduction, post, and program list and present to the student candidates, parents and international partners. Upon agreement, the counselor appointed by a school is welcome to take part in such activities. We tailor the services to each school, varying from a booth show, a 20mins presentation, social media advertisement, and others.

Currently, the major international events are in emerging markets. We plan to participate in the Education Exhibit/Conference every year in East Asia and South Asia.